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Be Bright Doll - Alma

  • Ignite her Spirit Animal Magic in the Sun. Watch as her hair changes color in the sun!
  • Size: 14 inch Adora doll
  • Dark skin tone/brown eyes
  • Blue hair; white streak turns to pink in the sun!
  • Dressed in a dress with wolf appliqué, glitter detail and gray shoes.
  • Removable clothing. Doll will fit into most 14 inch doll clothes.
  • Ages 3 and up

"Hi - I'm Alma! I'm always seeking a new adventure but my favorite is hiking snowy mountains! Like my spirit animal, a wolf, I'm fiercely loved to the other Be Bright girls who are my BFFs! I call upon my animal powers to remind my friends to be smart, be strong and to follow their destiny. I'm usually the first one to try something new - I love jumping outside of my comfort zone! #BeSmart"

Our “Be Bright” dolls, our newest collection of Adora dolls, will inspire, motivate, encourage and uplift young girls to live in a world where anything is possible! Within the “Be Bright” collection, each girl has their own unique spirit animal, story & hashtag. Whichever doll you pick (or collect them all!), there is a Be Bright doll for everyone. Time to #BeBright & change the world together! Perfect alternative for 18-inch dolls.


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