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Happy Best Friends Day! Who is Your Best Friend?


Today is Best Friends Day and it’s time to celebrate those special friends in your life! Need some ideas? Click here for a great list of things to thank your best friend for. 

Alyssa and Kayla are best friends. When Alyssa was nervous before her first soccer game, Kayla was there to cheer her on. And when Kayla got her first role in the school play, Alyssa practiced lines with her until she had it done pat. They help and encourage each other, share ideas, plans, fears and dreams. That is what best friends do for each other! 

Alyssa and Kayla are 2 of our Adora 18" Friends Dolls. Read more about them, and meet the rest of their friends here: www.adoraplay.com 



Who is your best friend? How do they enrich your life? We want to hear about them so tell us in the Comments below! #bestfriendsday #adoradolls #wayADORAble

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