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Happy Best Friends Day! Who is Your Best Friend?


Today is Best Friends Day and it’s time to celebrate those special friends in your life! Need some ideas? Click here for a great list of things to thank your best friend for. 

Adora Be Bright Dolls

Meet our Be Bright Dolls Lulu, Honey, Melissa, Alma, and Savannah! These BFFs get along with many animals both water and land. They are definitely the best pals you and your best friend would ever meet. They love to inspire, motivate, encourage & uplift young girls to live in a world where anything is possible—so together we make this a happy place to live in without anyone getting left behind! Time to #BeBright & change the world together!

Discover each of their Spirit Animal and witness how their beautiful magical hair turns pink in the sun! Be Bright dolls make an ADORAble alternative to 18-inch dolls! 

Meet each of the 14" Be Bright dolls and discover which one between Lulu, Honey, Melissa, Alma, and Savannah is for you and your best friend... or you might just want to get them all! 


Who is your best friend? How do they enrich your life? We want to hear about them so tell us in the comments below! #bestfriendsday #adoradolls #wayADORAble

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