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Get Back to School Ready...with ADORA!

Get Ready for Back to School...with ADORA


Back to School means NEW friends! While school supplies, backpacks for school and back to school outfits are high on the priority list - Why not let your little one bring a friend with them to help get rid of first day jitters? Be sure to add "ADORA" to your school supplies list! Our Clip on Friends are great to bring along and clip onto a backpack for kids! Not only that, you can clip these ADORAble friends on strollers, cribs, car seats, beds and more! Sometimes all it takes to calm down nerves for the first day of school is to have a little something from home to remind them that everything will be alright. Shop our specially curated collection of Back to School Favorites or click on a picture below to start shopping for your little one!



Adora Deluxe Carry Case Adora Clip on Friends



Adora Later Alligator Twins Gift Set Adora Softies



Adora Clip on Friends BathTime Baby Tots



Adora Baby Tots Adora TravelTime Fairy Play Set


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