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From the Play Expert: Top 10 Reasons Kids Should Play with Dolls by Dr. Laura Hutchison

Play Dr. Hutch is in the business of PLAY! She’s a fully licensed psychologist and Registered Play Therapist (RPT/S) who uses Play Therapy as a tool to help her clients & patients heal and communicate. With her Doctorate from the Center of Humanistic Studies, she’s been practicing since 1999 and has additional training from the Association for Play Therapy.

She’s also a proud mommy to her two kids Henry and Honor.


#1  Build Relationship Skills:
Doll play helps children foster nurturing and caring relationships.  

#2  Express Emotions:
Children use dolls to express feelings in appropriate ways.  

#3  Increase Language Skills:
When playing with dolls children practice ways of communicating with others. 

#4 Rehearse Real Life Situations:  
Through using dolls to role play a new situation, such as going to the  doctor or school, children gain understanding and comfort.  

#5  Enhance Fine Motor Skills:
Children practice and strengthen fine motor skills when moving and dressing the dolls.  

#6  Learn Self-Care Skills: 
By feeding, changing, toileting, and cleaning dolls children learn and practice skills they need to take care of themselves and become more independent.  

#7 Utilize their Imagination:
Playing  with dolls is open-ended; anything can happen.  

#8 Possess Companionship:
Having a unique and strong bond with a doll can help children feel safer, more connected, less alone, and freer to try new things.  

#9 Gain Understanding:
Playing with dolls is a way for children to re-enact things that have happened in their lives and increase understanding of those events by giving them more perspective.  

#10 Engage the Senses:
Children can touch, see, hear (with some dolls), and smell dolls. It simply feels good to hold and play with a doll.  

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However,  don’t forget this . . .

Doll Play is important because it’s fun! Children enjoy playing dolls and all should be given the experience as an opportunity to benefit from the many reasons why kids should play with dolls.

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