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5 Reasons why Girls AND Boys Should Play With Dolls

Many people believe Adora dolls are toys for only little girls. While this may have been true in years past, we know now dolls are a toy that anyone can play with! Not only are they fun, dolls teach girls and boys many different life lessons they will use long beyond their days as children. 

1. Imagination

The best thing about a doll is that it can be anything to a child - let their imagination run wild! One day it's their little sister, the next it's a classmate. The possibilities are endless when it comes to dolls!

2. Language 

If you give your child a doll at a young age when they're still learning to talk, it can be a great way for them to learn new words. Whether it's you as a parent showing your baby where certain body parts are or letting your child speak their own language to the doll, they'll start adding new words to their vocabulary in no time.

3. Comfort

Trying to keep the monsters away? Or maybe nervous for their first day of pre-school? A doll can bring immense comfort to boys and girls to help them be brave & take on new challenges

4. Empathy

Is your child about to get a new sibling? One of the best ways to prepare them for that is by giving them a doll. This can be a great way to role-play with a new baby and learn how to care for someone else. 

Whether it's our My 1st Babies, SplashTime Baby Tots or our PlayTime babies, we have a doll for every child! 

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