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Domain Branding More Important Than Ever Before

Business names are a powerful element for any successful company. They are an unstoppable workhorse for your business. Selecting the correct style of name for your product or service is vital for your intended message. A business name that is brandable, unique and easy to remember are the most popular types of business names.

According to, 64.43% of sites were found through direct navigation and the other 35.55% through search engines and weblinks.

This study however does not diminish the importance of search engines and links for initially finding a website. But it does give evidence that a domain and site that a visitor is able to remember will be returned to directly in the future.

Note we said 'able to remember' and not 'worth remembering.' Sure your site should be of such value that it is worth remembering, but if you don't have that solid brandable domain that sticks in the brain like glue than it won't matter.

How many times have you wanted to return to a cool site, but couldn't remember the domain to get the site? Of course you could search for it at a search engine, but this takes more time and effort. The more steps you put in front of your prospects, the less likely your site is to be found.

This is why domain branding is so important. For a decent investment any online business has the power to intensely leverage their marketing.

Think about it. Your Domain name is the most important marketing tool you have. Your domain is the first thing your audience sees and your first chance to generate a response from a consumer. Do they visit or move on? This decision is hugely impacted by the effectiveness of your domain.

The entire basis of marketing is getting someone's attention and your domain must do just that. It becomes extremely powerful to use a brandable domain name to leverage your marketing to the maximum.

Put simply a quality, short, memorable domain will always lead to an increase in sales.

Nobody knows this better that large corporations who have spend millions on solid brandable domain names. In one famous example venture capitalists in California paid $7.5 million to acquire

Brandable Domains

Brandable domain names are simple, catchy words or phrases that businesses use to build their online identity around. Most of the time they are real words so they are easy to remember, such as Amazon, Twitter, or Yahoo, but oftentimes they are made up but equally simple and catchy, such as Zynga or Google.

Existing Businesses

If your business already exists then you will want to try to incorporate your current branding into your new domain name. This carries your branding efforts over to your website and is a fantastic way to build your credibility as a brand and expand your sales to the internet marketplace.

The Domain Name as a Branding Tool

Unbranded domains: like trying to ice-skate uphill

There was a time when it seemed to make sense to choose a lot of exact-match and keyword-focused domains. Google was (is?) letting almost anything rank if the domain matched the query exactly. Product-specific domains sold (sell?) for millions of dollars. As with most weird-for-user-good-for-Google-type moves, the strategy just didn't hold up in the long term.

It now seems obvious that for actual businesses, a product/service name that exactly matches the domain name turns out to be a major weakness. For the same reason that "Tow Truck Company" is a terrible consumer-facing name for a tow truck company, exact-match domains are terrible for long-term branding. It's impossibly hard to differentiate yourself when your company name sounds inherently generic.

The Need to Brand: Increasingly Important, Not Going Away

“Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.”

-Eric Schmidt

We may or may not see our sites as part of the cesspool, but if we don't look like a brand we're going to be treated like whatever-makes-up-a-cesspool (cesslings?) by Google. We recommend taking Dr. Pete's advice: get over it, and act like a brand. A site that sounds and looks like a brand is the first step toward acting like - or even better, actually becoming - a brand.

Our industry is rapidly evolving and maturing past the point of relying on tricks to rank. This has been partly fueled by Google's new focus on brands, and partly fueled by thought leaders who see the long-term profit potential. Branding has always mattered, but those who effective leverage their branding strategy will ride the wave with little to fear from Pandas, Penguins, or any of their friends.
brandable domain

The word, ADORA would make an excellent, exquisite and elegant name brand and domain name for your business. It is short, unique and catchy, very easy to remember, and it has Premium Letters 'a'. It can create buzz, position you as a true leader and innovator, and reinforce your value proposition in the word. That's powerful. It can convey a culture or a position, and differentiate a company, product or service from the rest of the market Click Here for more details.

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